About Us

Xseed Landscape Maintenance Ltd was established to help fulfil a passion for gardening, excellent service and a desire to exceed normal client expectation.

The directors of the company are Mr Greg Ede NPTC & LANTRA Certified and Mr Matt Peverall BSc (Hons), NPTC & City & Guilds Certified.

We are committed to providing a professional service every time. All our employees are approachable and as enthusiastic about your garden as you are, and have many years of experience of garden care to the very highest standard. Our aim is to work with our clients in developing gardens of quality, character and interest.

About You

Whilst caring for the huge diversity of trees, shrubs, herbaceous planting and lawns etc, we are also very proactive. We are continually recommending / prioritising tasks to be carried out and therefore make communication between ourselves and the client of utmost importance.

We feel continuity within the garden, in regards to the staff that visit your property is of a benefit to you and your garden. Therefore once a supervisor has been introduced to you, we will do our best to ensure you enjoy the benefits of regular staff, whilst they enjoy working with you week by week, season after season, to maintain and develop your garden.

About the Environment

We have always been composting and recycling our customers green waste as well as encouraging customers to allow us to construct and manage domestic compost bays within their gardens. This practise over time is beneficial to garden life as it recycles 100% organic matter back into the borders and as a result also reduces customer waste costs. Any other green waste removed is not taken to landfill, but rather recycled by us on a larger scale. Xseed Landscape Maintenance Ltd is registered with the Environment Agency and is licensed as a responsible broker and carrier of waste.

Our commitment to the Environment is second nature. From 2010 we took the innovative step of introducing a totally organic lawn fertiliser which has a much lower risk of "scorch". This addition to our organic products went hand in hand with our use of Nematodes, which are renowned biological pest control organisms. These provide many benefits over traditional gardening chemicals and are a key ally for organic gardeners. Other organic treatments include soil conditioners such as Calcified Seaweed, which is also effective against Mycelium/fungal infections within the soil.

We are committed to expanding this range of environmentally friendly and organic products and services.

...we would certainly recommend Xseed as a friendly, efficient and reliable service...

ML, Chislehurst