Micro Irrigation

Water pump and filter

The term "micro-irrigation" describes a family of irrigation systems that apply water through small devices. These devices deliver water onto the soil surface very near the plant or below the soil surface directly into the plant root zone. We have adapted micro-irrigation systems to suit the plant’s requirements for precision water application. Micro-irrigation systems are very effective at not only establishing new planting but also ensure that these plants reach their full potential. This is so much so that we’d almost insist that any new planting installed by us is irrigated by a suitable micro-irrigation system.

Please don’t be under the impression that micro-irrigation can only be installed to new planting schemes as it can also be installed to supply a life line to any plants, hedging, pots or hanging basket that is currently ‘existing’ rather than flourishing with almost immediate effect….it’s amazing how much plants rely on and respond well to regular watering.

Our systems are simply run off an outside tap with the aid of a battery operated digital timer so there is no need for large expensive tanks and pumps. This in turn makes these systems inexpensive and simple to both install and maintain and are a great way to insure that you get the full potential of any planting that you have invested in for your garden.