A nicely maintained garden

Full lawn care programmes

Hollow tinning (aerating). Spring and summer, autumn and winter fertilising. Top-dressing re-seeding and turfing, selective lawn pesticides and herbicides applied by PA1 /PA6A fully qualified members of staff.

Border and bed work

Weeding, digging, double digging, edging and hoeing.

Leaf clearance

Necessary seasonal task through autumn and early winter.

Seasonal pruning

Trees, fruit trees, shrubs, roses, climbers and herbaceous planting.


Trimming, reducing and reshaping.

Compost bay's construction/management

Well-rotted organic matter created and recycled from a mixture of soft cuttings, grass clippings and leaf fall taken from the garden and then dug back into the beds and borders or laid on top as a water retentive Mulch the following year.

Tree felling and cross cutting

Available by appointment.

Pressure washing

Driveways, Hard-standings, Patios, Pathways, Decking and garden furniture.

Painting and weatherproofing

Wooden garden structures and fencing.

Hard-standing weed/moss treatments

By application of weed, moss and herbicide treatments by qualified staff.