After nearly 19 years in the industry and heading up our Planting and garden design service, Dan Ling (pictured) has now stepped into the new role of Senior Manager here at Xseed. As a result, Dan will no longer be involved with the ‘hands on’ day to day element of general garden maintenance. However, the advantage of this is that it will now provide Dan with the ability of being able to offer a completely free, one to one Garden Development and Consultation Service.

Dan can be booked for appointments to discuss any aspect of your gardens’ care, progress or its’ further development. This includes; general garden maintenance and seasonal tasks, lawn care and recommended processes to improve existing lawns, planting of shrubs, trees and herbaceous plants (also see our design and planting section), identification of pests and diseases and their particular treatments, pruning and shaping of unruly shrubs, trees and hedges and what is possible depending on the plant species, lifting and moving of existing shrubs, trees and herbaceous plants and again give advice on how, when or indeed if possible given the particular plant species as well as much, much more.

In addition to Dan’s expertise on the planting and design front, we also have Jack Adams (pictured) who joined the team in Spring 2010. Jack has the AIM Awards Level 3 Diploma in Garden Design (QCF) as well as PA1 & PA6a Herbicide and Pesticide Licenses. Jack’s extensive plant identification and knowledge of plants and design make him more than capable for planting and design consultations.